Friday, 28 August 2015

Holiday Outfits & Bikinis

So I recently went to Menorca with my family and had such an amazing time. We were staying not far from a pretty town called Cuitadella in a cute little villa. Here are some of the outfits I wore (mainly evening looks) whilst I was there:

White Dress: H&M
Flower headband: Primark

For me, hair is very important because as you can see, I have quite a lot of it! 
I decided to straighten it this night but the humid weather immediately 
started to make it wavy. I think I prefer it like this to completely straight luckily!

(Photo credit: My 4 year old niece Isla! )

Dress: Primark

Brown Brogues: New Look

I wore this outfit one day when we went to visit the market in Cuitadella. 

It was so hot during the day there that I had to have my hair up in some 
way for the majority of the time. For this look I just chose to whack my 
hair up into a messy bun. I spent a lot of the time with my hair in two french 
plaits because I think they're convenient but still look cute!

Shorts: Forever 21
Crop top: Asos
Shoes: Hi-top Converse

This outfit I suppose could pass as a day or / casual evening outfit. 

I am currently obsessed with the crop top- high waist bottom combination. 
For my hair, I have just left it in it's natural curls and clipped up the front. 

Bikini top: Asos

Denim Shorts: Forever 21

I wore this on the day we went on a boat trip. I thought the bikini top 

also could pass as a cute bralet. I'm not very good when it comes to 
sunglasses but I loved these vintage round glasses my dad found in 
our house! My hair is down straight with a half up-do top knot. 

Bikini top & bottom: Asos

So when I bought this bikini I didn't realise just how bright it was 

until it arrived. I was worried I would be too pale for it but I don't 
think it was too bad (although I am a tad burnt in this picture...)

No, we didn't purposely plan to match!

Dress: Miss Selfridge

Sandals: New Look

This dress was my last purchase before holiday. I was out with my sister with 

no intention on getting any more clothes, but I saw this dress and knew I had to 
have it. I don't usually wear sandals or any shoes with my toes out but I
 thought it was time to stir away from trainers for once. This was probably my 
favourite outfit.

Dress: Forever 21
Denim Jacket: Primark
Shoes: Converse
Socks: Topshop
Flower Crown: Cuitadella market

Last but not least this was the outfit I wore to travel home. My family 

always say I'm a bit like a hippy which usually I don't understand, but 
I don't think I can argue with them here...

When you're travelling you want to be comfortable and whats not better 
than a flowy dress, lose braid, thick socks and converse?

I love going on holiday and trying different outfits England is probably waaay to cold for. I would love to know what your favourite looks were, and perhaps what your favourite things are to wear on holiday!

If you have any  questions on where I get my clothes or even where my sisters (other girls in photos) got their outfits from, please leave a comment. :)

Liv ♥

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

8 Reasons Why London's the Best Place To Study

So I've just come to the end of my first year at university and one of the best things for me this year has been living in Central London. I think it's one of the most fascinating cities (although I've not been to many) but I couldn't think of anywhere else I would ever want to live. Here are just my top 7 reasons why London is such a great place to live and study. 

8. London is your campus. There are so many bars, theatres and a load of random events happening EVERYWHERE. You don't need to stay around uni to have fun.

7. Student oyster. It's so easy to get around when you have the student oyster available. 

6. Everything is actually a lot closer than you think you can easily walk around London for just less than an hour and you'd be surprised at what you might see. For example: You get to covent garden, 2 minutes away is trafalgar square. 5 minutes away Leicester Square. 15 minutes away you could be at Picadilly Circus. Not forgetting Oxford Street which you could easily walk to as well! 

5. The diversity of people studying in London makes the experience far more culturally interesting. I have made friends from Germany, Greece, Romania, Hong Kong to name a few. 

4. You get to say you live in London.

3. When you think about your work and study, you have probably the best facility in the UK for research resources- The British Library. As well as the numerous museums, exhibitions etc.

2. For most courses there are lots of jobs, internships etc. available relevant to what you may be studying. I know for me doing music, I couldn't be in a better city for opportunities. 

1. You get to say you live in one of the BEST CITIES IN THE WORLD.

If you agree/ disagree/ wondering if London is the place for you to study, make sure to leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!

Liv ♥ 

Monday, 15 June 2015


On 19th December 2014 I turned 19 and got one of the presents EVER. Tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour! After 6 months waiting I was finally able to book it, and so on 11th June 2015 Alex and I finally went to Hogwarts. It was the most magical, fascinating day. We went in the afternoon after watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in the morning as preparation for the day. One underground, overground and tour bus later we finally arrived.

My mum bought us the digital guide to listen to as you go round along with the souvenir programme for after, which were both so worth it! The digital guide went into so much detail about every set we saw, all the props and even included video interviews with the directors and actors involved. The amount of work that had gone into these films is really unbelievable. It was the fine detail that really blew me away. So much love has gone into every set, prop, costume etc. 

Something new to the tour was the Hogwarts express which was pretty incredible. You're able to walk on the train and look into the carriages, which were laid out depicting scenes from the different films. You also get to sit in replica carriages and pretend you're on the train. 

We reached the half way point and of course I had to try some butter beer! I would love to say it was so tasty I couldn't stop drinking it but if I am honest with you it was quite the opposite. Alex loved it so at least someone was able to drink it. 

The second part of the tour wasn't as long but it probably had the most breathtaking parts in it. You first move through the make section full of all of prosthetic face masks and dead body doubles. The second part was also where you get to go down diagon alley. The insides of the shop had so many props and just looking so amazing. It is hard to imagine this was how it was when they were filming. That being said it is hard to imagine eveything within the tour was actually what they used. 
You also get to see all the beginning sketches, concept art and scale models of the sets. It was so interesting to see. 

The last room was be far one of the highlights of the whole tour. I felt myself welling up as soon as I stepped in, I had to stop and compose myself. I'm not going to spoil what is in this last room but trust me when I say it is so incredibly beautifully breathtaking. I think the music being played was also contributing to making me teary! It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

Of course we visited the shop and I may have bought some Bertie Bott's Ever Flavor Beans, which have been so fun (except for Vomit) to taste. I also bought the Newt Scamander's Fantastic Beast and where to find them by J.K.Rowling which I've nearly finished reading. It is soon going to be turned into a film and I'm really excited to go see it!

Altogether I think I had one of the best days and I would really love to go back again some day.

It would be great to hear of other Potter lovers experiences and I'm looking for more blogs to read so it would be great if you wanted to leave a comment.

Liv ♥

Music favourites for this week:
Hedwig's theme - John Williams
Oh had I a golden thread- Eva Cassidy

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Performance Fears And Being Honest With Myself

Next Thursday I have my recital as part of my performance module for uni.
Woohoo I finally get to perform again after so long!
Oh no wait. I am actually dreading it. I haven't dread a performance more than this one. I think it is because of who extremely unprepared I feel for it. Being a pop singer I felt quite reserved being given a jazz teacher and being made to sing traditional jazz songs for my performance. After what would probably be 8 or 9 months I still feel like a complete outsider to the world of jazz singing. It is not me and it is not what I like to do. This has really made me re-evaluate what I am aiming for in my future career. 

Recently the thought of performing as a solo artist just brings fear to me. I feel like I've lost all my self-confidence with performing, I hear myself back and am not fully happy with what I hear. I mean that could be down to how I always want everything to be perfect but I still would love to think of myself as a good singer. 

I absolutely love singing. I really really do. I've been worried recently that my panic of having to sing this music I don't really have an interest in has stopped me from singing altogether. And it has. I've just shut off the whole idea and I really don't want that to happen. 

You may be asking, but Liv why did you go to a university that doesn't accommodate what you do? Well, really it does. I mean I couldn't have asked for a better first year at university, and other aspects outside performance really suit me here. I couldn't face doing a Popular Music degree. I love how well rounded my course is and how diverse the range of musicians I am working with is. 

To keep myself singing I plan to record some videos for youtube, just to keep myself singing and really for my parents to listen to. I'm thinking of doing this whilst I really think hard about whether I want to take performance further or not. Recently I feel like I have become more and more introverted and I may be shutting myself away. I am hoping this is just a phase but who knows?

This has just been one be ramble I know, but I just need to just type and type. I'm not going to go back and read what I've just written (typed) because the point of this post was so I could just say what I have to say. I've tried to talk to people about this but I don't feel like they really understand how I'm feeling about my performing at the moment, which is ok, because if I'm honest I don't really know myself. 

I'm just gonna do what I've got to do for next week, and if it is just a horrific mess, it's ok! These things happen, it's not like this performance is going to determine my future. 

Liv ♥ 

Sunday, 3 May 2015



Mitch Grassi
Kevin Olusola
Scott Hoying
Kirstin Maldonado
Avi Kaplan

So on Thursday 30th April I was lucky enough to go and see Pentatonix again!
Pentatonix are up there as one of my favourite music groups. If you don't know they're a 5 person a capella group that cover a range of different songs as well as original material. Individually they're such great vocalists so put them together is just incredible. 

Starting with Problem we get the real sass from Mitch Grassi in his version of Iggy's rap. Mitch is also known for the impossibly high notes he is able to reach. The crowd would roar whenever he whacked one of those out. His control in the higher register is so overwhelming especially in "Aha!" ( which I have a feeling is a personal favourite of Mitch's!)

Near the beginning Kevin, the beatboxer slash cellist slash incredible vocalist in general held the audience by himself with just his cello and beatboxing skills. I was blown away as I think the whole audience was by how captivating it was. 

Scott is kind of like the main spokesperson for the group and leads quite a few of the songs but he too can sing high (in problem) and low (in Standing By). He secretly has one of the biggest ranges and his riffs were always on point.

One of my favourite covers they do is Rather Be. I just think it's so clever and I LOVE how Kirstie takes the lead in this one. I think Kirstie is for me the most underated vocalist. She has this incredible voice and makes what would be soooo difficult for normal singers to just sound effortless. Her voice is just so pure and I could listen to it all day. 

Avi Kaplan. Boss of the bass notes with the most charm I think I have ever come across. Probably one of my favourite performers he is just so smooth. Possibly one of my favourite songs of the night was 'Standing By' which of course is led by Avi. I fell in love with him when I saw them last year in May and he did not disappoint second time round!

Coming back for the encore they asked the audience  to be keeping silent so they could sing 'That's Christmas to Me' without mics and of course after a few seconds of the audience shhing each other the place was completely quiet           and it stayed that way all through the song as everyone was                                                              so mesmerised. This was one of my favourite part last year also                                                                  when they did Run to you and I think it's such a great idea. 

The whole concert was a night to remember and I couldn't fault it if I tried. I could keep rambling about every single song but I'm afraid I may be here awhile!

Liv ♥ 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Home alone belters

Who doesn't love to sing?
Ok perhaps in front of people is some peoples worst nightmare but I think secrectly everyone loves to sing. I mean how boring is the shower without a bit of Whitney or Beyoncé?

I had a bit of a session the other day belting some classic's out. Yep I went for it. My list of home alone belters would without a doubt always be:

1. Straight in with a bit of  Whitney
(Run to you being a personal favourite of mine)

2. Beyonce
(Can't have a good ole sing without the Queen herself)

3. Maybe a bit of a musical
( I started singing through musical theatre so how could I not?)

This is a clip from my sing of 'Someday' from Hunchback of Notre Dame. I haven't been able to sing this loud for AGES because of living in halls so it was great to really go for it. It needs more work and I'm looking forward to working more on this song now being at home again for a bit!

Let me know your home alone/ shower song classics!

Liv ♥ 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Music blog intro!


Writing a diary was always something I wanted to do but the truth is I was never very good at committing to it. Now, at 19 years of age, coming to the end of my first year of uni as a music student I think it's about time I start blogging my music-y world! 

I can't really define my choice of music into just one genre - I know this is what a lot of people say but it's really true! I think it's great to listen to a lot of different music. I think for me it is going to be interesting to see my taste in music develop through this blog. 

 So right now I'm loving the big voices that a coming through in the mainstream music scene. In past years I haven't really taken as much of an interesting because I don't feel like they were the best songs and those singing weren't necessarily the biggest vocal talents. Of course you still have a few of those slipping through, but I am loving artists like Sam Smith with his heart wrenching soulful voice, George Ezras' beautiful bass and the harshness of Jess Glynne's voice. Rather be being a favourite of mine for quite some time! One of my favourite groups of all time has  to PENTATONIX. Five individually incredible voices put together to create the most stunning a cappella arrangements, what could be better?

I listen to quite a lot of music outside of the charts and especially through uni next year I will be studying jazz to electronic to gospel and blues music. I can't wait to document all of this on here.

The content of my blog is going to range from what I've been listening to, reviews of gigs, projects I'll be working on and who knows we shall have to see!

Liv ♥